Taking Care of Your Gemstone Jewellery


Even though most gemstones are hardy and durable, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be taken care of. Most gemstones can be damaged or their appearances permanently altered simply by the continual exposure to household chemicals, temperature changes or other such naturally occurring conditions.

Cleaning gemstones is also another task. Here is a basic care guideline that you may follow:


After you are done removing your gemstone jewelry, dip it in warm water that has a liquid detergent mixed in it. Clean it with a soft brush, and then clean your stone with a lint free (or any other soft) cloth so that any remaining dirt can be removed.


Due to their hard surface, diamonds can often put scratches on other gemstones or metals. This is why it is a wise decision to store single pieces of diamond jewelry in soft cloth pouches, or in jewelry boxes.


Even though gemstones have a hard surface, it does not mean that they’re indestructible. Always make sure that you take off your gemstone jewelry when doing any physical activity that might expose them to damage.

Also, remember to wear your jewelry after you’re done with applying makeup, and take it off the first thing when you’re done wearing them.