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The Artisan Gemstone Jewelry Site specializes in unique, Artisan Designer Jewelry from the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Each piece is created and Handmade one at a time. Being a family operation we have no employees. This allows us to operate with a much lower overhead unlike the companies that mass produce their products.

With just one person designing and making the handcrafted jewelry, you are assured of a flawless Handcrafted keepsake that you will cherish forever. On this site you will find a large selection of matching jewelry sets, handmade necklaces, bracelets and unique earrings.

You will never see our products displayed in a store. They are only available through this web site. You will never have to leave the comfort of your home to shop and can avoid being hassled by a salesperson.

All orders are shipped by USPS Priority Mail within two days. So what ever piece you decide on, we know you are going to love it and show it off to your friends and family. Thank you for visiting our site and please check back often, we’re adding new handcrafted gemstone jewelry all the time.

Handmade Jewelry From The Gulf Coast of Florida

All of the Artisan Handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry shown on this site was handmade from the highest quality materials available from our trusted suppliers located in the United States.

All of these pieces are original creations. That means that we have only one made just as you see it on this site. If you are interested in the piece as shown; please make your selection promptly!

When a replacement is made it will not be identical due to the variation in color, shape and size of the materials used. This is what makes all of our jewelry unique but still affordable.

Tell your friends, bookmark our site and check back often since we are adding new handmade jewelry all the time. Buy handmade, you’ll be glad you did and so will your friends.

The latest Artisan Handmade Jewelry from The Gulf Coast of Florida online now at affordable prices.

Fire polished crystals, Freshwater pearls, Red Coral and much more online now on our web site.

Shipping is only available within the USA.